Campings in Spain - Campsite in Madrid Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain)

Madrid Travel Guide: Warner Bros. Movie World - Holiday Spain

Come discover the Madrid area and enjoy one of the best campings in Spain

Our Campsite in Madrid is located 45km from Madrid City, 40km from Toledo, and 25km from the Warner Bros World Park. Camping Aranjuez is the perfect choice to enjoy tourism in Madrid and discover the art and culture heritage of Spain

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Surroundings - Warner Bros. Park

Tickets on sale in the campsite with interesting discounts.

One of Europe's most complete, cutting-edge parks, with all necessary facilities and a leisure offer designed for any visitor. Warner Bros. Park is a lively, imaginative and highly varied stage, inviting everyone to come in and discover and enjoy the world of film and its emotions. Magical surroundings that recreate the Wild West, film sets, where you can walk through Gotham or Metropolis and bump into your favourite heroes. Tweety Pie, Daffy Duck and Sylvester open the doors to their wonderful homes for you to share unforgettable fun. You will come across spectacles on any street corner, recreating the most varied adventures, all with specialist actors.

Address: Parque Warner. Carretera M-301, km 15,500. 28330 - San Martín de la Vega - Madrid Tel.: 34 91 821 13 00.
Opening Hours: From Monday to Thursday, 11:00 to 22:00. Saturday, 11:00 to 24:00.

  • Adults: ?39.
  • Children (under 5): Free.
  • Children ( 5): ?30.
  • Retired (over 60): ?30.
*Prices and opening hours are for reference only and are subject to change. Consult web-site for further information: *Tickets available at reception

Also, you can now enjoy the2ND DAY FREE PROMOCTION: Until 31st December 2010, you can enjoy a second day free in Parque Warner, changing your ticket in the park. You must do this on the day of your first visit at the ?Front Page? shop (in the square by the entrance), where you will be given a bracelet to enter free on the second day (must be consecutive days).

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Campings in Spain - Campsite in Madrid ARANJUEZ (Madrid, Spain)

Ctra. antigua Nacional IV, Km. 46,800 - 28300 Aranjuez - Madrid - Spain

GPS: 40º 02' 31,73"N / 3º 35' 57,64"W - Tel: + 34 91 891 13 95 - Fax: + 34 91 892 04 06 - E-Mail:

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